Discoveries are made by visionaries, even if you agree or not these individuals refused to accept the norm of what was consider normal or a fact, they challenged what other brilliant minds accepted as true and unchangeable. Today we have some “laws” that keep us from thinking that more can be done, and the laws I’m talking about are from a science point of view. We learn that are certain rules that can not be broken or altered, just suggesting that they are inaccurate is considered a blasphemy, or inconsistent with the data we currently have. We are not alone, most of the new discoveries that we enjoy were foresaw by individuals that challenge the norm of what was acceptable.

If as scientist we lock our minds in this way of thinking, we are just restraining our ability to improve to innovate in any field that we are researching.

We all know the laws of physic and they can’t be broken, but think for a moment what if we can.What if we can discover a way to produce an energy source that will help us break our dependency from carbon fuels,. Today we have solar power and wind power, these methods have disadvantages, solar power its a great source of energy but in order to get the maximum capacity we need excellent weather conditions, besides the fact that we have to use it right away or stored in batteries witch are bulky and prone to damages. Therefore, if we take the restrain that some laws cant be broken we open our minds to think in a more ample way, giving us more roads to explore and making discoveries that one day we thought to be impossible. On my home lab I’m testing with different methods and materials, so far I’ve have small success in creating a way to produce energy with fewer parts. I say small because my research is not over yet, it’s a long road with many obstacles, but a road without obstacles it’s a boring road.  An iron and copper alloy can give us some properties we need in order to extract some energy from objects we deem impossible, because the preset notion we have of the physical laws.

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