Long life pursuit, of stable and clean energy. For many years I analyze and observe the different options we have for energy sources. We develop wind, solar, nuclear energy supplies, but in my opinion there is another source of energy that we haven’t found or we have ignored, and I’m set to discover it. This blog is to keep my mind sharp and focused on the prize. Through the years
i allowed other issues divert my attention from this goal, there are excellent papers and information out there about this subject, many are clear and make good sense while others don’t. Many times our own preconceptions of what can be done and what can’t be broken are what confine our minds and intellect from achieving a better alternative for what we have now. like in the past, many people didn’t dare to question the rules that others establish, but a few of them challenge the rules and laws, and because of them humanity moved foward.
My goal is to question any physical law or thinking that keep us from getting what we need for a better future and a cleaner planet.

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