Conversation with a stranger

IMG_0025While walking around the city of Butuan on the Philippines, I saw a plaza with a big church in front of it, and many food stands in the  sorrounding area, i order a “baboy Bbq” which is pork on a stick and sat down to eat it,  while I was enjoying the food a nice young man sit next to me and started talking, he was a homosexual and just came from church, during the conversation he express that even though he is “gay” he is against same sex marriage, I ask him why he was against it, his answer was that the Bible doesn’t allowed marriage between a man and a man that the Bible states that marriage is between a man and a woman, I was a bit surprised by his answer, so I told him that it’s very honorable that he believes in the Bible, and I ask if he was a religious person, which he replied, yes, I go to mass every week, so I told him, if you believe in the Bible, why do you live as a homosexual? according to the Bible homosexuality is wrong, so why do you choose to follow the part about marriage but neglect the part  about being homosexual? He look at me, stay quiet and after a minute, ask me if I was religious, I told him I’m not, but I raise the question out of curiosity, because he professed to believe and follow the Bible but omitted a few things the Bible disapproves of . The young man smile and told me that I was right about that, and we changed the subject and have a nice conversation about Butuan and it’s lovely people.  But that issue stayed in my head and I wonder, can a person be a “Christian ” even though they practice things that the Bible condemns.  it seams that many religions and people condemn others and don’t look at themselves.

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