Rain memories

It’s been raining here since yesterday. I love rainy days, for me  they are perfect to read, i can hear the raindrops falling, the water cascading from my roof, the cold breeze coming thru my window, and the scent of the wet dirt and bushes filling my home. The smell is so relaxing. Some people, i hear find rainy days to be depressing, but for me they serve the opposite, they make me feel happy, perhaps is because it remind me when i was younger, happy days with no worries playing with my friends and brother, running thru the heavy rain, having mud fights, and splashing in every single puddle of water, and even mud that was created. The days that I didn’t have to worry about mortgage, food, car, the days that the news on the TV regardless how appalling   they were, didn’t  bother me, my only concern was, the cartoons at 3:00.

But times have changed, like it or not, its my reality, those days are long gone, but when it rains i get to cover the stress of life with memories of how simple life was, the scent of the rain is like a time machine, that instantly transported  me to the days i didn’t have worries or stress and saw life thru a different lense. In the grayness of life the rain brings a rainbow of great memories.



It’s been a while since the last time i posted here,  its hard sometimes to think, or even come up with the time to write. I should make the time, even thought is not something I’m good at it, it’s a way to get my mind focused for the last year my mind and my self been wandering aimlessly, no way to focus my thought, and sharpen my writing and thinking skills. Sometime i ponder I’d writing here was just an exercise in futility. It’s not, making time here to write to express what I’m thinking, its a great wat to to stay sharp and a way to put my thoughts together and choose my priorities in a better way.