Aguadilla day 1

Got here yesterday, arrive on the town of Aguadilla, did some driving around to see what to do. The first thing I notice here its the beach life atmosphere.
I can smell it and feel it in the air, people is friendly food its great and the beaches are amazing. At night. I went to crash boat beach and walk on the pier witch was an old US navy or Air Force refueling station. Sat there and. Listen to the ocean and look at a beautiful dark sky, you can see the other owns on the distance across the bay, was very relaxing.
Today I decided to go snorkeling, so I stop on a local surf shop called “Verde Azul” the staff was amazing very knowledgeable and friendly, I buy a snorkeling kit, which included the mask, snorkel and fins for 60 dollars and they told me where to go, have also an apartment to rent a nice surfboard on Monday. For 100 dollars. For 4 days, I am exited to for that.
After getting the gear I drove down the beach its a nice road, with many green pants and on the way I got a few mangos from a tree next to the street. Got my gear on and headed to the beautiful water did a couple hours of snorkeling then like 1 hour of body surfing. Being in such a beautiful and peaceful place enjoying nature and being in it, make me wanna just quit my job and al and move down here this is the lifestyle I love what I I miss what’s been missing on my life, stress. What stress, depressions and anxiety what is that,