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Thoughts while on my flight


This week I decided to go visit Puerto Rico, took off and have a layover in CLT North Carolina. For some reason my drink of predilection while flying its Ginger Ale, I get in my flight , window sit always, many people argue that the aisle its better but personally I prefer the window, my reasons are simple, first you cant beat the view and second if I feel sleepy I can rest my head on the airplane wall and get some head support . I’m actually writing on the first leg of my flight.

While looking through the window I see green circles on an arid landscape, those are the central pivot irrigation systems, hearing the engines roaring, looking to what I like to believe is a small part of the curvature of this beautiful world. I’m exited and anxious at the same time, I have some plans for this trip, visit “El Yunque” a national rain forest hike thru it see the beautiful waterfalls and nature, then will head west of the island, stopping in Camuy to visit an underground river of Camuy caves, after that will spend the rest of my week of the town of Aguadilla. My plans in this town are simple, eat go surfing at wilderness beach and surfers beach also will go Kayaking and snorkeling, my only regret is that I do not have a waterproof camera, also will spend time at Crash boat beach, of what I hear the water have a lot of visibility and the sand its golden, plus get some local cuisine, and tropical fruits. These are my plans but most of the times I freestyle my trips. Will be writing more and posting picture as ill enjoy this mini vacation,.

Picture taken right now, and uploaded this post thru inflight wifi

Inspiring place

Beauty comes in different ways, luscious green mountains with rivers and water falls, golden sand in tropical beaches, trees cover with snow, all of them have an appeal, something that makes us happy to be alive. But, what about the desert? I didn’t think so, that was until I experience this wonderful landscape personally. Many friends told me about Sedona and how amazing it is, so I decided to see it myself. Driving in, I noticed open spaces as far as the eye can see, the red landscape contrast with the blue sky, like a post card come to live, but my real amazement was the way it make me feel, for some reason I cant explain, I felt tranquility, while drinking a cup of coffee, and admiring the scenery from my chair, I realized that beauty comes in many different ways, and I saw and taste that there is much beauty to be seen in the desert.

Earths beauty

Needing a break, I flew to Oregon to hike the Wahkeena falls. There I was experiencing relaxation through all my senses, feeling the moist air touching my skin and breathing it with it’s wonderful scent, looking at the water cascading through the rocks and hearing the wind whistling thru the pine trees. Nature have a way to humbling us, looking at this water falls, I felt inner peace, and satisfaction. Next day while flying back, I look thru the airplane window and witness a beautiful sunset, the perfect ending for my hiking escapade.
“Picture was taken 20 minutes after takeoff from Oregon “

The day my life changed.

I always been a person that loves adventure, from my younger years I was always exploring, camping and climbing mountains. When I turn 18 I started to travel, first locally, then I venture to more exotic places, all the time I got out without any concrete plans, just took my back pack, put on some jeans, white t-shirts, laptop and some personal items, buy a plane ticket and took off to any destination, once I was there I figure out what to do and where to stay. I fly planes, live on a sailboat for 6 years, parachute and surf as much as I cloud. One day I was bored, and decide to move to Cebu in the Philippines, live there for a year, and then after, I move back to the states, got a job and start all over again. I mention this things to establish that I was fearless, I was never afraid, and did many risky things. One morning of April 2015, on a Thursday, I woke up, and I couldn’t breath, I was choking and there was no one to help me, I was terrified, the only thing on my mind was, I’m gonna die here today, when I was about to pass out, on a desperate measure, I closed my fist and pound on my chest with all my strength, after 2 times  doing that, whatever was obstructing my my throat clear up, and I started to breath. I was shaking, so afraid, so, I drink a glass of water then  headed to work, I didn’t think much of it, other than it was a close encounter with death. A few days later, I was watching Tv, and all the sudden I felt like I was having a heart attack, I rushed to the hospital, nothing was wrong with me, all the test came out great, but in my head, all I was thinking was that they miss something, 2 days later the same thing happened again, I rush to the hospital, got the same results, everything was ok. Weeks pass by, and I was feeling worst, but I also noticed, I was  scared, afraid for no real reason. if I have to drive far, I started to feel like I couldn’t breathe, and an overwhelming feeling of doom took over me. I didn’t know what to do, the doctors told me everything was fine, but there I was having the worst feelings of my life, no one believe me, everybody assume that I was making it up, but the feelings were real, a true fiscal illness, that for some reason no one believe i have, not even the doctors could find it. Two years already since that incident, and until now, I can’t travel far with out feeling afraid, I don’t wanna go out all, all I want to do is stay home, but I force myself to do the things I have to do. I’m living thru an ordeal, it’s worst than a nightmare, I am not the same person I was, from being fearless to be afraid of even driving, all this just because that traumatic event. I tried  to take it out of my thoughts, but it always stay lingering inside me, like a red light or a barricade that won’t let me cross, to be the same adventurous guy that I was before. I’ve been suffering according to professionals of chronic anxiety. I was offer medications to ease the bad feelings, but after reading the side effects I choose not to take them. What’s been helping me a lot is doing meditation every night before bed, drinking tea, chamomile, passion fruit and other teas with out stimulant. I feel better, have less anxiety attacks, but my life still trap in fear. I learn to overcome this adversity with my mind, sometimes when I’m to tired from work, I loose control and it take over again. I trained my self, so when I start feeling the symptoms, I just relax my mind and let it pass. Now instead of living for adventure, I live to control this horrible feelings, and force myself to do things that my mind “ fight or fly” feeling won’t let me do. Anxiety change my life. that day that I almost die change me.

Im not a writer or blogger so I apologize if my posts are not great. I started this as a way to curve my feelings.