Thoughts while on my flight


This week I decided to go visit Puerto Rico, took off and have a layover in CLT North Carolina. For some reason my drink of predilection while flying its Ginger Ale, I get in my flight , window sit always, many people argue that the aisle its better but personally I prefer the window, my reasons are simple, first you cant beat the view and second if I feel sleepy I can rest my head on the airplane wall and get some head support . I’m actually writing on the first leg of my flight.

While looking through the window I see green circles on an arid landscape, those are the central pivot irrigation systems, hearing the engines roaring, looking to what I like to believe is a small part of the curvature of this beautiful world. I’m exited and anxious at the same time, I have some plans for this trip, visit “El Yunque” a national rain forest hike thru it see the beautiful waterfalls and nature, then will head west of the island, stopping in Camuy to visit an underground river of Camuy caves, after that will spend the rest of my week of the town of Aguadilla. My plans in this town are simple, eat go surfing at wilderness beach and surfers beach also will go Kayaking and snorkeling, my only regret is that I do not have a waterproof camera, also will spend time at Crash boat beach, of what I hear the water have a lot of visibility and the sand its golden, plus get some local cuisine, and tropical fruits. These are my plans but most of the times I freestyle my trips. Will be writing more and posting picture as ill enjoy this mini vacation,.

Picture taken right now, and uploaded this post thru inflight wifi